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Maritime Rowing

Improve the performance of your car by making it high class with the various effective services we offer. Continue browsing or get in touch with us to quickly and affordably transform your car in no time.

Performance Without Compromise

We prepare your car for the road by giving it the best services possible, ensuring it runs smoothly and without flaws.
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Our Services

Check out our services to improve your car’s durability and performance.

Auto Diagnostics

Bring your car to us for a comprehensive digital report, or get our tool that uses specialised software to let you know whether your car is in good working order.

Battery Replacement

We use high-quality batteries from reputable brands to prevent premature ageing and ensure that your car has the power it needs to operate on the road.

Tire Rotation & Balance

Our professional staff allows your car to be safer and increase its efficiency through this procedure, where the tires are rotated, and the wheels are removed from all sides.

Timing Belt Replacement

Even though it may take some time, our skilled staffs make sure to replace the timing belt to keep the internal parts functioning properly and economically.

Shocks and Suspension

We take care of these parts to capture the force of the car against the route and increase the total effectiveness of a vehicle as it rides along the highway.

Oil Change Service

We perform routine oil changes to ensure that your car has the correct stimulation, which lowers the amount of heat generated by the engine and removes particles and debris.

Why Choose Us?

Convenience Of Doorstep Services

We reduce the hassle for you by bringing your car to us as you can just give us a call, and we will be present at your doorstep to repair your car.

Service Warranty

We give you a limited warranty on our services, so if you are unsatisfied with them or find a problem after service, we will completely redo the job.


We are very upfront about the costs associated with our services, so you only pay for the work we do for you.

Use Of Genuine Parts With Warranty

To ensure your car runs smoothly, we only use genuine parts from the most reputable brands, so don't worry about their normal function.

Professional Repair By Trained Technicians

Since all of our technicians are highly skilled and trained for the tasks they are given, you don't have to worry about your car's performance.

Cost Effective

You don't have to sacrifice effectiveness because of the costs because all of our services are very affordable and of a high calibre.


"I appreciate Maritime Rowing very much for giving me the best car services. Their services were reasonable and precise enough to keep my car running smoothly."
Leslie J. Norrell
"They provided excellent customer service. They were all extremely courteous and welcoming, and they thoroughly explained to me every step of the maintenance my car required."
Craig B. Mitchell
"I received excellent services from Maritime Rowing. They quickly diagnosed my car and explained to me all of its problems and how to fix them."
Helen D. Moore

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